Feijoa Brandy

I’m making some feijoa brandy at the moment. Bloody busy, but the seasons wait for no man, and the wine had been fermented and sitting on the pulp for ages, so I had a late night session on it last night with a couple of stills.
Recipe was as simple as possible:

  1. Apply stainless paint mixer and power drill to feijoas,
  2. Add pectinase and yeast,
  3. Let the drama build.

IMG_0520 Resize

The pulp is a bit of a bastard to press – such a fine grit in that stuff around the skins. It’s much harder work than apples.

The product is still at the low wines stage right now, awaiting the final run, but I’m thinking it will probably be kept in the white at ~50%ABV. Some crazy bloody smells in places through the run, some of the mid tails is like burning plastic. Fores and heads are like feijoa essence, hearts kinda lemony. Interesting challenge in cutting this to come I suppose!
some piccies:

Press in all it’s glory:

DSC_2530 Resize

Making do without my hydraulic jack:

DSC_2534 Resize

Dry pulp

DSC_2537 Resize

Pot still running with some amazingly half-arsed insulation (i.e. I stole the dog’s towel)

DSC_2542 Resize


I’m looking forward to the results of a spirit run!


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