Suddenly, a blog.

So, I’ve been uploading albums of  photos to Imgur, and the inability to put paragraphs in the captions has finally got the better of me. I sat there staring at the wall of text I’d created, and decided that I just couldn’t bear it, so I’ve started a quick and easy WordPress blog to keep some of my ramblings.

This blog will mainly be about brewing and distilling, but my love of cooking and cocktails may creep in from time to time. I’ll probably transfer some of the guides I’ve written on various forums to here so I can have a copy I control.

Some of the things in this blog (i.e. home distilling) may be illegal where you are. I live in New Zealand, the land of the actually free, so it’s ok here. Be aware of your local laws. Never sell unlicensed alcohol. That’s just not cool.



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